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The Canadian Leadership Network is owned and managed by consultant, public speaker, leader and entrepreneur, Joe Ramsay.

Joe’s parents were hardware store merchants. Working in the family business as a teenager he learned that having the right tools for the job is one of the keys to success. He has applied that lesson throughout his professional career – as a musician, an ordained minister, an educator, a counselor, and consultant.

He received a Master of Divinity from Queen’s University in Kingston and began serving the United Church of Canada in a mining town in northern Ontario. He overcame the geographical isolation as one of the first ministry personnel in the church to use a computer as a telecommunication tool, networking with colleagues world-wide. Later, while serving a large church in southern Ontario in 1990, he was the co-founder of TELOS, an ecumenical computer network for church leaders. The company later expanded to become a pioneer internet service provider in Belleville, and developed a distance education network for several community colleges in southern Ontario, and an internet directory for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

In the practice of ministry and church leadership, other tools were required. Joe equipped himself to provide counselling and therapy by completing two units with the Canadian Association of Pastoral Practice and Education. He also acquired training to administer psychometric assessment tools, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis. Individual and family counselling became a significant aspect of his pastoral ministry and with the Kingston Institute of Pastoral Care.

From 1997 to 2004, Joe served as the human resources officer for the Bay of Quinte Conference, a region of the United Church spreading from Brockville Ontario to the eastern border of Toronto, and north to the Ottawa river. In this role, he provided policy and best practice advice to 400 congregations and their ministry personnel. He also facilitated many seminars and workshops, refining his adult learning methodology and multimedia presentation technologies.

Since 2004 Joe has worked in the General Council Office of the United Church as the Manager of Ministry Personnel Policies and Programs. He leads a staff of 8 to support the denomination in the improvement of human resources policies that govern over 3300 congregations and their staff.

As a musician, Joe continues to write and perform as a vocalist, guitarist and keyboard player. He is currently engaged in writing and publishing faith-based songs for progressive Christian churches. You can find out more at

Joe’s professional experiences have enabled him to create a toolkit containing many proven technologies for organizational development, conflict resolution, work flow management, governance design, and personal development. Email Joe:

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